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PCMS’ Workers Compensation Software

PCMS’ end-to-end workers compensation software is based on the Atlas™ platform, one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced property and casualty insurance processing solutions. PCMS’ workers compensation software successfully modernizes policy/claim administration, billing, reinsurance, document management, data warehousing, and real-time agency & consumer management portals.

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PCMS’ Workers Compensation Software Features

PCMS’ workers compensation software provides a fully automated end-to-end experience for the home office, agent and customer.

  • PCMS’ regulatory compliant workers compensation software is offered as a cloud infrastructure service. This private network model meets the unique needs of workers compensation carriers of all sizes, small to large market insurance carriers and TPA engagements.
  • PCMS’ workers compensation solution automates and supports:
    • Comprehensive audit functionality
    • Direct bill with monthly reporting support
    • Insured Self-reporting
    • Medical Service re-pricing
    • Repetitive Payments
    • Deductible Billing
    • NCCI, CMS and all other statutory requirements
  • Automated underwriting, binding, and issuance capabilities
  • Full policy life cycle transaction support, including versioning of all data
  • Full maintenance of rates, forms and rules changes
  • Allows for real-time quoting, rating, binding and issuance
  • Claim processing with bill review integration
  • Real-time point-of-sale automation, third-party data integration, scoring and referral management
  • Single point of entry for all companies, and lines of business.
  • True .NET SOA architecture allows integration with any third-party provider
  • Robust statutory/management/ad-hoc reporting capabilities

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With the inherent functionality of our workers compensation software, underwriters, TPA’s, MGA’s, brokers and agents can issue/bind quotes and distribute policies in real-time via the Internet using PCMS’ workers compensation software.

Workers Compensation Software Reporting

Utilizing the Data Warehouse, Atlas produces all desired management, experience and reinsurance reporting employing the latest reporting tools from Microsoft and SAP.
Helping your in-house decision makers increase their business knowledge is crucial to the success of your company, and Atlas’ real-time, Internet accessible reports makes your business leaders more efficient. External distribution partners can acquire their data effortlessly and on their own schedule.

  • Claim detail inquiries
  • Operating metrics
  • Carrier performance
  • Agency experience
  • Accounting & financial information
  • Reinsurance information
  • Claims detail inquiries
  • Actuarial information
  • Many various claims and financial reports
  • Statutory Reporting

The Data Warehouse stores all bureau coded data needed for producing statutory reporting. All statistical coding is done behind the scenes without interruption to workflow. Atlas’ claim administration system provides all statutory agency reporting: ISO, TICO, TASI, NAII, and all state specific reports. Atlas produces the reports real-time over the web.

Workers Compensation Software as a Cloud Infrastructure Service

PCMS’ workers compensation software offers proven hosting services in secure, state-of-the-art collocation data facilities. Hosting with PCMS frees your business to focus on strategy and development instead of the IT headaches needed to support those strategies.

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