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Our fully automated Insurance Accounting and Billing Services are integrated into your policy administration system and include a number of unique features among its various components:

  • Flexible Payment Plans
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Automatic Workflows
  • Customized business rules
  • Automated renewals, reinstatements, and cancellations
  • Auto-generated invoices, revised bills, and reminder notices
  • Auto-Generated return-premium, write-off, and commission checks
  • Ability to handle unlimited payment options, including checks, EFT (Insured or Agent Sweep), Credit/Debit Card, Lockbox receivables
  • Billing lifecycle automated workflows
  • CSR access to service and respond to customer inquiries, process payments, disbursements, and adjustments but also offer the ability to drill down to details
  • Robust management/ad-hoc reporting capabilities

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