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Data Warehouse

All premiums (statistical/reinsurance layers), receivables and losses are maintained in real-time. All of your policy, claims, billing, reinsurance and management data is widely accessible through “canned” reports or customizable reports via the Internet.

Management Reporting

Utilizing the Data Warehouse, Atlas produces all desired management, experience and reinsurance reporting employing the latest reporting tools from Microsoft and SAP.

Helping your in-house decision makers increase their business knowledge is crucial to the success of your company, and Atlas’ real-time, Internet accessible reports makes your business leaders more efficient. External distribution partners can acquire their data effortlessly and on their own schedule.

  • Policy detail inquiries
  • Operating metrics
  • Carrier performance
  • Agency experience
  • Accounting & financial information
  • Reinsurance information
  • Claims detail inquiries
  • Actuarial information
  • Many various policy, claims, and financial reports

Statutory Reporting

The Data Warehouse stores all bureau coded data needed for producing statutory reporting. All statistical coding is done behind the scenes without interruption to workflow. Atlas provides all statutory agency reporting: ISO, TICO, TASI, NAII, and all state specific reports. Atlas produces the reports real-time over the web

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