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  • Policy Administration
  • Claim Administration
  • Billing
  • Accounting
  • Documents
  • Security


  • Data Warehouse
  • Management Reporting
  • Statutory Reporting


  • Cloud Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Print/Mail Data
  • Conversion


  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Document Image/Archive
  • Reinsurance
  • Workflow Management
  • Integration
  • Portals


Policy Administration

The Atlas Policy Administration System provides a fully automated underwriting experience for the home office, agent and customer. The Policy Administration System includes automated underwriting, binding and issuance capabilities for all P&C lines of business, with full policy life cycle support, third-party data integration, single point of entry, and much more. With this inherent functionality, underwriters, MGAs, brokers, and agents can issue/bind quotes and distribute policies in real-time.

Claim Administration

Claims management means managing not only the claim, but also digging deeper and understanding your insureds and agents more in depth. With our unified policy and claim solutions, you will know every aspect of the underlying policy before you start the claims adjudication processes. We offer fully integrated, single point-of-entry for policy and claim solutions with complete claim life cycle administration from FNOL/FROI to Final Adjudication with integrated operational/management reports.


Our fully automated Insurance Accounting and Billing Services are integrated into your policy administration system and include a number of unique features among its various components, including flexible payment plans; multiple payment methods; automatic workflows; customized business rules; automated renewals; auto-generated invoices, reinstatements, and reminders; billing lifecycle automated workflows; ability to handle a wide range of payment options including checks, EFT (Insured or Agent Sweep), credit/debit card, and Lockbox receivables, and much more.


Images and documents are indexed and scanned in from anywhere in the world with just an internet browser. All images are stored/archived on true WORM/legally compliant Dell SAN fiber storage devices.


The system’s Security feature allows system access control to various Atlas sub-systems and reports. Access is provided to various user types: employee, agent/broker, client, or any other user-defined groups. Based on the user type, the system will allow access to appropriate policy, claim, and billing objects. Atlas’ security system also enables administrators to attach specified reports to user groups, ensuring that only authorized users can the system, which will protect your data.


Data Warehouse

All premiums (statistical/reinsurance layers), receivables and losses are maintained in real-time. All of your policy, claims, billing, reinsurance and management data is widely accessible through “canned” reports or customizable reports via the Internet.

Management Reporting

Utilizing the Data Warehouse, Atlas produces all desired management, experience and reinsurance reporting, employing the latest reporting tools from Microsoft and SAP. Atlas’ real-time, Internet accessible reports makes your business leaders more efficient. Features include: policy detail inquiries; operating metrics; carrier performance; agency experience; accounting and financial information; reinsurance information; claims detail inquiries; actuarial information; various policy, claims, and financial reports; and much more.

Statutory Reporting

The Data Warehouse stores all bureau coded data needed for producing statutory reporting. All statistical coding is done behind the scenes without interruption to workflow. Atlas provides all statutory agency reporting: ISO, TICO, TASI, NAII, and all state specific reports. Atlas produces the reports real-time over the web.


Cloud Services

We offer proven hosting services in secure, state-of-the-art collocation data facilities. Hosting with us frees your business to focus on strategy and development instead of the IT headaches needed to support those strategies. We offer 24/7 application environment management for production, pre-production, and testing that will support multiple business models and distribution channels. Services include: secure access; complete software and hardware environment management; security monitoring; hardware monitoring; operating system and database monitoring; application monitoring; and more.

Implementation Services

We have an impeccable implementation track record. We deploy very small implementation teams that work directly with the client. We forgo the bureaucracy of traditional project management for a much more direct approach that allows your key personnel to be in charge of the decision making process and ensure that their needs are being met by the software. Services include: consultation; requirement study; project management; parallel testing environment; data conversion; user training; and technical support.

Disaster Recovery

In this Internet age, we know how important it is to have your systems up 24/7/365. All of our applications and data are served by a state-of the art collocation facility in Dallas with real-time, redundant data replication to an off-site disaster facility. Collocation facility features include: multiple redundant networks; 24/7 support; SSAE 16 SOC-1 Type II, PCI, HIPAA Compliant standards; fire protection and environmental controls; security cameras; backup generators; flood-free zone; raised floor; and more.

Print/Mail Data

In addition to producing all print/email of outbound policy/claim communications, we offer on-site print and bulk discount mail service. Our headquarters is equipped with the latest commercial print/mail hardware, and our customers enjoy the benefits of our immense experience, while taking advantage of unparalleled costs for these services.


We offer sophisticated data conversion solutions to help you streamline your data resources and improve your efficiency.


Workers’ Compensation

Our workers’ compensation software is based on the Atlas™ platform, one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced property and casualty insurance processing solutions. Our software successfully modernizes policy/claims administration, billing, reinsurance, document management, data warehousing, and real-time agency and consumer management. Our solution is offered as a cloud infrastructure service. This private network model meets the unique needs of workers comp carriers of all sizes, small to large market insurance carriers and TPA engagements.

Document/Image Archive

Images and documents are indexed and scanned in from anywhere in the world with just an internet browser. All images are stored/archived on true WORM/legally compliant Dell SAN fiber storage devices.


Our Reinsurance System provides a comprehensive facility for managing reinsurance arrangements, including: quota share, excess loss, facultative, catastrophe, and tentative reinsurance arrangements; management reports for all aspects of reinsurance transactions; reinsurance coding and balancing for premiums/losses, which includes full integration with Policy/Claims Administration Systems, automated processes for premium cession on written or earned bases, and online cash reconciliation for premiums and loss recoveries.

Workflow Management

Utilize business rules to move underwriting information electronically between users – internally and externally. In addition to automated workflow assignment, users can send electronic mail/alerts sent to appropriate parties, initiate actions on the selected items, move the item on to the next user, add comments and reassign or close items.


We offer third-party data integration: ISO, A-Plus, CyberSource, Experian, Freedom, QuickBooks, and unlimited-third party interfacing. Integration with special or proprietary software programs is effortless thanks to a scalable Microsoft .NET foundation.


Our agency management portal offers agents a 24/7 website for real-time quoting/policy issuance, correspondence, billing, claims and management report access, while maintaining integrated rating and underwriting rules on a single computer system. Allow your agents to access all home office functionality with a customized, simplified user interface. Features include: 24/7 Internet access to site and reports; quick quote; rate, bind, and issue policies; generate all policy forms and correspondence; and real-time management reports.

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Integration with special or proprietary software programs is effortless thanks to a scalable Microsoft .NET foundation.

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