Billing & Accounting

Reliable, flexible solution that handles those increase billing and payment demands

All-in-one configurable Billing and Accounting

PCMS Atlas Billing & Accounting is seamlessly integrated with both PCMS Policy Administration and Claims Management solutions, and uniquely designed to accelerate upstream and downstream insurance financial transactions, allowing insurance carriers to achieve a higher-level of efficiency and accuracy across their organization.

Key Features

  • Automated workflows and customized business rules
  • Complete Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) management
  • Support Direct Bill, Agency Bill, Account Bill, and List Bill
  • Multiple payment methods (ACH, Credit Card, Check)
  • Flexible bill payment options (stated percentage monthly or quarterly, one-time annual)
  • Support multi-currency
  • Agency/Broker accounting
  • Premium/Loss accounting
  • Simplified Commission processing (multi-plans, automated calculations)
  • Support pay-as-you-go for workers' compensation (premium payment plan)
  • Auto-Generated return-premium, write-off, invoices, revised bills, reminder notices, and more
  • Full Cash receipt management
  • Collections
  • Automated Lockbox and Check reconciliation
  • Reconciliation and other various financial management/ad-hoc reports


Better customer experience

Flexible billing methods, along with convenient online payment options and access to billing information (Portal & Mobile Access)

Improve Operational Performance

Leverage intuitive workflows and business rules to automate manual billing processes – increase productivity and simplify your business operation

Reduce billing and accounting errors

Process automation, accurate data, and real-time reporting minimizes errors – more visibility and accountability over your financials

Boost cash management

More control over your accounts receivable and cash application activities