Management & Statutory Reporting

A powerful, dynamic, uncomplicated reporting solution that provides actionable information

Reporting at all levels to optimally manage and guide your business

PCMS Atlas Management and Statutory Reporting is seamlessly integrated with both PCMS Policy Administration and Claims Management solutions, offering a library of out-of-the box reports, along with the ability to customize reports to fully support an insurance carriers day-to-day operational and statutory reporting needs.

Key Features

  • Reporting tools from Microsoft and SAP
  • Supports various financial, underwriting, claims, agency details, and reinsurance reports
  • Supports all statutory agency reporting (ISO,TICO, TASI, NAII) and State specific reports
  • Specific Line-of-Business Reports
  • Flexible report scheduling (real-time and batches)
  • Export to Excel, PDF, or CSV file
  • Full preview reader of ad-hoc reports
  • Easily share reports across all devices and multiple stakeholders (including mobile)
  • Manage complex reporting requirements for multiple states, entities, and lines of business
  • Faster reporting with straight-through processing – no labor-intensive manual reporting
  • Some examples of out-of-box reports:
    - Agency Statement
    - Loss Exposure
    - Underwriter Workload
    - Premium (billed and collected)
    - Aged Claims
    - Recovery Summary
    - Excess/Non-Excess Loss Listing – Reinsurance


Increase sales and retention

Identify sale opportunities and review policyholder performance, effectively controlling attrition and capitalizing on cross-selling / up-selling

Enhance productivity

Automate manual processes – generate reports easier and quicker with a single click

Improve decision making

Real-time reports that allow better visibility for faster business decisions

Achieve compliance

Meet specific filing requirements in a timely manner – avoiding penalties